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Gun Dog Training

Beginner Retriever Gun Dog Training – (4 months)

This program includes obedience; beginner level gun dog retriever will also receive intro to birds, water, gunfire, and duck hunting scenarios. At the end of this program your retriever will be running simple retrieves on land and water and returning ducks (and bumpers) to hand.

Advanced Retriever Gun Dog Training – (6 months +)

This program builds onto our beginner retriever program by adding in the ability to run multiple retrieves, extending distances, as well as adding more technical factors. Running blind retrieves, teaching dog to handle via whistle stop and casting/ hand signals will also be developed in this program.

gun dog training  

*Program timeframes are estimates. Dogs learn at different rates. Some will train faster and some slower than provided timeframes.

*Vaccinations required, including bordatella

*Dog owner maintains responsibility of regular vet maintenance including heartworm preventative and vaccinations


John McCarter, Owner
(318) 614-6372
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Life is too short to have ugly dogs ...

Obligatory trailer pic for the new title! Introducing Woods SH owned by @originretrievers! Woods went a perfect 5/5 in senior. Still waiting on some ribbons in the mail, but the bayou crew went 13/13 the past two weeks at Castille Creek RC and Flint Oak RC.
Bonnie qualified for Master National with her 12th MH pass

Woods, Enzo, and Delta are now titled senior hunters.

Hennessy went 2/2 at Flint Oaks in Senior in her first ever hunt tests

Jolene finished her JH title going 4/4

Born 4 days and 5000 miles a part, Enzo and Delta managed to round off their Senior titles on the same day! ...

Welcome to the Bayou!
Repost from @originretrievers

Huge announcement! Origin is thrilled to introduce its newest member: FTW Think Twice Beyond a Shadow of Doubt - “Maple”.
We recently had an incredibly rare opportunity to acquire an accomplished British Field Trial retriever and we jumped on it. Maple has achieve a field trial 1st, 3rd, and two Gun’s Choice Awards which are reserved for the finest gundog in the field.
Yesterday Maple arrived in the US safely. Now, she will continue her training and we are excited for her future. Maple is now the only FTW (British field trial winner) golden residing on the North American Continent.
Buckle up boys and girls.

Missouri has been perfect so far! Great weather and great training grounds! We arrived Sunday night/ Monday morning. 1st Master Test is knocked out! Double Senior and Junior the next 2 weekends! ...

Oregon bound! Bonnie passed her 12th Master test and 6th in this Master National window. She is now qualified to run for this year! Thank you Castille Creek RC for hosting the early week Master! ...

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